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Maas Renewables are European manufacturers of heat pumps and other green energy solutions for homes, offices and larger scale projects.

They wanted a website and new branding based around simplicity.

Maas Renewables square tricolor transparent

The logo

The logo was the first job. I used a leaf to represent the environmentally-friendly aspect of their products, and used the letter “M” to cut it into three, using a different tone of green for each section. This formed a logo which represents a green energies company which is focused on modernity and also reflects the simplicity of the process to get a quote for their products.

Keeping the logo in a square 1:1 ratio allows the company to use the “M” by itself in documents, or even on social networks as a profile picture.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 14.42.07

The website

Then came the website; the place where potential clients can discover the ethos of the business throughout an immersive experience. It had to be simple and easy to use. On the homepage, a short text presents the company, and below visitors can choose between four categories of heating and cooling solutions: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agriculture & Animal Welfare. Selecting a category then brings you to a subcategory page where the visitor chooses which type of system they want. Then, they are brought straight onto a quote contact form.

The main focus of this form was to make it seamless. The visitor might not have the impression they have already ticked two boxes to get to this page, but in reality from the first click on a category on the homepage, the visitor has started filling out a quote. This final page asks four simple tick-the-box questions, they type in their email address and before they know it, they have already asked for a quote with all the details my client needs to answer.

Security was another concern of my client’s. Therefore the back-end was reinforced to withstand hacking attempts.

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