Building L’Univers de Jeff

univers de jeff homepage

The client in this case was looking for a website that could reflect the imagination put into the work they do.

“L’Univers de Jeff”, meaning “Jeff’s Universe”, is an event agency for children in Bordeaux, France. They offer many different themes for children’s birthday parties, children’s entertainment at weddings and corporate events.

My main focus on this project was to turn their website into a shop front and allow potential clients to explore this universe in order to better understand how my client stands out from the competition. The concept is unique in their region and therefore the website had to make them stand out from the crowd. First impressions in this case were all the more important, and the website I had in mind was not a web page, but a world visitors could explore.

When a user arrives on the homepage, they are welcomed by a fairytale-like hidden garden with an ornate wooden door. The visitor then clicks on a golden key to open the doors and unveil the magical world hidden beyond. The landscape behind the doors was another point that was just as important as the first impressions the visitor would have. In order to present the menu of themes my client had to offer, a simple menu would not suffice. Therefore, I created a virtual landscape which contains elements from each theme and a parchment containing each name.

The work on each page for each theme was carried out in the same mindset and had to reflect the universe in which the theme takes place.

The result

After 1 year of existence, L’Univers de Jeff has become one of the leading event agencies for children in the Aquitaine region. They are amongst the top in their domain on the web, having overtaken all competitors on social networks and some SERPs. The company is now expanding rapidly and is expected to become the leader in Aquitaine in the next couple of years.

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